Carla - Leonna C G Amos

Carla - Leonna C G Amos

Welcome to Aurora Natural Healing where I hope you will find a therapy or treatment that will benefit your whole wellbeing and address any issues - physical, emotional or mental - that you may be experiencing at this moment in time.

I offer a range of treatments including Reflexology and Reiki that can have a beneficial affect on the whole body and provide you with a sense of calm and tranquility whilst helping your body to heal itself.

I am qualified in all the therapies I offer and have trained for many years to provide a service that enhances the lives of others. I am sent referrals from doctors and have testimonials from people I have helped to overcome problems such as:

* Depression   *   Anxiety   *   Chronic fatigue   *   Lower back pain
* Arthritis   *   Headaches   *   ME  and many others...

I have time to listen and assess your physical and emotional wellbeing and treat you with my extensive Knowledge and experience.

If you feel that I can help you too then please contact me for an appointment.

My husband James and I also provide training courses in the Balance Procedure and Angelic Reiki - please see our news page for more details



Discover the treatments that we offer:

*  Reiki  *  Angelic Reiki  *  Reflexology  *  Crystal Therapy  *  The Balance Procedure  *  Vitali-Chi  *  Swedish Massage and more...


“Relaxed and calm. I'd definitely do another session. 10 out of 10!”

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